Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ESPN's Page 2 hates on Smokey & Bruce Pearl

In what's actually a very cool feature - nine different mock brackets based on various categories, from inverse graduation rates to best uniforms - the Vols get slammed not once, but twice by ESPN's Page 2 staff. The link goes directly to the mascot bracket (where you can navigate through all nine brackets) where Mike Philbrick writes:

First-round flop: Tennessee Volunteers loss to the American Eagles. The Vols ... or Smokey the coonhound ... or whatever. They would be the play-in game in any mascot bracket. Needless to say, the American Eagles (while sounding like a commuter airline) are far more intimidating and go on to the second round.

Page 2 also writes in the coach appearance bracket:

Biggest upset (in entire bracket): No. 15 American over No. 2 Tennessee. The orange suit jackets are bad enough. But Bruce Pearl, shirtless, with his chest painted orange, is an image that's just never going to go away, folks.

All in good fun...15 hours to go.

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