Monday, February 11, 2008

Pat Summitt can stop time with her mind

If you thought Villanova got screwed...check this out.

Notice how the clock "mysteriously" freezes at 0.2 just long enough for the official to call the foul. That's how we do it on Rocky Top. Scott Van Pelt tells me that the clock at TBA is tied into the official's whistle. The one who called the foul does so after a second plus had ticked off the clock with it still frozen at 0.2. So perhaps not only can Coach Summitt freeze time, she can also produce whistle-like sounds out of thin air.

Go Vols.


DADvocate said...

I watched the end of that game. Since we couldn't hear the whistle, I don't know how we can assume it blew during that time. It seemed the clock skipped 0.1 also. I wonder if it holds 0.2 for two tenths of a second for some reason and then goes to 0.0.

Unfortunately, it did put a major damper on an otherwise great game.

Will Shelton said...

The best "evidence" I've seen so far comes from John Adams' column today in the Knoxville News-Sentinel: