Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jimmy Dykes on the Vols

From tonight's Auburn/Arkansas game on ESPN, with Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes calling the game, two separate exchanges between the two about the Vols, TiVoed for full clarity:

(talking about the importance of guard play on the road in the SEC):

Dykes: You know, that's why I think Ole Miss, Andy Kennedy's squad, will be right there come March, because he's got a stud freshman point guard, Chris Warren...they gave Tennessee all they wanted in that building last night, there's not many teams right now that can go into Thompson-Boling and play those cats to a two point game. That showed me a lot about Ole Miss...and continued to tell me that Tennessee, they are going to be one of the last ones standing.

Nessler: If you think this (Auburn/Arkansas) is a Thursday Night Showcase, be with us next Thursday night at Thompson-Boling Arena: Vandy at Tennessee.

(talking about big upcoming SEC games):

Nessler: ...and circle that baby (Vanderbilt at Tennessee)...that's a week from tonight, and Vandy might still be undefeated, and Tennessee who knows, we'll see this weekend...but how crazy will it be between the Commodores and the Volunteers?

Dykes: They don't like each other very much.

Nessler: No, they don't like each other very much at all.

Dykes: And when there's a lot on the line, they really don't like each other. We're gonna have a high powered Vanderbilt offense, with guys like Shan Foster shooting from the perimeter, and guys like AJ Ogilvy, one of the more underrated freshmen in the country, taking on a plethora of guys that play harder, night in and night out, than anyone else in college basketball right now. That's the Tennessee Volunteers.

Nessler: You throw Memphis in the mix, though they're not in the SEC...but the state's doing pretty well.

Dykes: I know, Memphis and North Carolina, are right there behind Tennessee in that out-effort you every possession.

Yep - Bruce has got them drinking heavily from the orange well in a little under three years. That's what we like to see.

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