Friday, June 22, 2007

Tyler Smith is cleared to play

In Mike Griffith's article reporting the news that the NCAA has granted ex-UT commitment and Iowa transfer Tyler Smith a hardship transfer, enabling him to play immediately, he opens with the words "Tennessee basketball" and "national championship run" in the same sentence. And the really scary part is, you believe it.

The Vols had already traded Dane Bradshaw's heart for JP Prince's length. Prince, a 6'8" transfer from Arizona, is cleared to play in the spring semester, which means he'll be there for all the SEC contests. The Vols had already returned everyone else from a team that was a 17 point halftime lead and a one point loss to the #1 team in the country away from the Elite Eight. The Vols were already the favorite to win the SEC in 2007-08, and a commonplace pick in national preseason Top 10s.

Now, with Tyler Smith in the fold, allow me to be the first to pose this rhetorical question: Is Tennessee the best basketball team in the nation?

And how in the wide world of sports did we get to that question just three years removed from a losing season?

You know how there's a lot of elementary school kids in the greater Knoxville area named Peyton right now? Wait ten years. Then see if Bruce isn't the most popular name at your local K-12.

And does anybody remember a little thing called football season?


Jeff Wright said...

Karma will not allow UT fans to start talking about national title runs as a reality. Thanks've just killed the 2007 Vols basketball season.

Will Shelton said...

Oh, but it is. Just wait til the football season goes south and people start getting really needy. You can't take my dreams Jeff Wright! You can't take them!