Monday, June 25, 2007

Chris Benoit & Family found dead

Not sure where I can send you from here, because I got the story off and they're probably not the most reliable place for information. The story is troubling already without the "and family" part tacked on - I don't know who that includes at this point, as the story appears to be brand new here at 6:30 EST and there are no details yet. Tonight's RAW was a planned tribute to Vince McMahon, whose character "died" a few weeks back on RAW. Instead, I'd wager that whole thing will be scrapped in favor of a Benoit tribute show tonight. RAW is already scheduled for 3 hours tonight, starting at 8:00 PM. More information here when I find it...

UPDATE - Reports are now in that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy ("Woman") Benoit, and their son were all found dead in Benoit's family home in Atlanta today. This story seems likely to get even worse than it already is as details unfold.

UPDATE 2 - Benoit was originally scheduled to compete at the Vengeance PPV last night for the ECW Championship against CM Punk, but missed a house show on Saturday and pulled out of the PPV to return to Atlanta for a "family emergency". Johnny Nitro took his place and ended up winning the match. But that piece of information suggests that some sort of freak accident appears to be out of the question...

UPDATE 3 - Fox News is now calling it a double murder suicide, which confirms. Fox News alone is saying that Benoit killed his wife and his son sometime during the weekend, and then took his own life today. Autopsy reports are due on Tuesday.

The WWE did a good job on short notice to turn RAW tonight into 3 hours of Benoit's greatest moments. And hats off to them for having Vince McMahon open the show and eradicating the death angle they had been running with his character as well. They handled the whole thing very professionally. As for the story's numbing. It's 12:17 here and I'm going to bed, but I'm sure there will be more details and more questions in the morning.

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