Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...


Oklahoma's starting quarterback, Rhett Bomar, has been kicked off the team - at least for this season - after scoring a sweet job at a Norman car dealership for about $69.23 an hour. Bomar was filing for full-time work, but in fact worked only approx. 5 hours per week and was paid around 18 grand. Well done. Starting offensive guard (and Bomar's roomie) JD Quinn was also removed.

So, your options at quarterback for the Sooners this year are a juco transfer, a true freshman, a walk-on, and Paul Thompson, the guy who was 11 for 26 against TCU last year and was instantly moved to wide receiver.

The thud you just heard was Adrian Peterson's Heisman Trophy campaign. I'm sure he'll like nine in the box about as much as he enjoyed it last year. And it looks like Texas is going to be around for awhile in the Big 12 title game...if the Longhorns win their home date with Ohio State on September 9, now who's going to beat them?

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